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Class Descriptions

Barre (All Levels)

This one-hour class is designed for all levels, from first-timers to experienced barre students. We will strengthen and stretch muscle groups to create long lean defined muscles like those of a dancer. This class focuses on strength, flexibility, balance training, and core. 


Yoga Flow (All Levels)

In this Vinyasa style class, you will flow from pose to pose connecting your movement to your breath. This is a dynamic style of yoga that maintains a playful, dance-like quality.  The sequence of postures may be different from class to class, but they always follow from basic to more complex so that you can build heat, flexibility and strength while maintaining good alignment and a safe foundation.  Modifications and advanced variations are given by the teacher, making the class accessible to all levels.


Heated Flow (All Levels)

In this all levels class we will move with our breath and cultivate balance through a mindful, continuous flow that will leave you feeling invigorated yet composed.  By heating the room, your body becomes warmed to allow for cleansing as well as deeper movements and stretching. Some yoga experience is recommended for this class.


Strong Flow (Recommended for Advanced Beginner-Advanced Students)

In this 75 minute power Vinyasa class, expect playful and challenging sequences that cultivate attention to strength and alignment, while also allowing time to experience the subtle aspects of the practice.  Advanced postures, such as arm balances and inversions are explored.  We will allow time to slow down at the end of class and close with grounding sequencing and meditation. This class is not recommended to beginners but there will be options given for advanced beginners to more advanced students.


Gentle & Restorative Yoga (All Levels)

A gentle practice.  This class is designed for everyone at all stages of yoga and life.  The pace will be gentle and simple so you may find space and time to explore what you uniquely need from yoga.  We will move in smooth easeful sequences, work on personal alignment and spend good time in restorative poses.  Class will end with a sweet Savasana.  The practice will leave you feeling renewed, relaxed and radiant.


Yoga Basics (All Levels)

Designed for new students or anyone that wants to revisit the basics! This foundational practice will stretch and strengthen your entire body while keeping a focus on the alignment and essentials of the primary poses and the basics of breath awareness. This class will allow you to build a strong, safe and confident foundation in your yoga practice.


Advanced Yoga Flow (Recommended for Intermediate-Advanced Students)

This class is designed for intermediate and advanced practitioners and offers an opportunity to refine the physical and mental practice of yoga. Be ready to work on arm balances, inversions, backbends, fun and challenging transitions and so much more. Solid practice is recommended for this class. 


Night Owl Yoga Flow (All Levels)

This class features fluid sequences to move energy throughout the body and build heat, and cools down with restorative poses to ensure that every student leaves feeling relaxed and ready for bed. Mixed level flow is accessible to everyone; modifications are offered as well as gradual progressions into intermediate poses. This class will offer an opportunity to connect to the lunar and seasonal cycles, and to feel inspired by the natural shifts that guide everyday life on and off the mat.


Pilates Mat (All Levels)

The Pilates method is based on the principles of concentration, control, center, flow, precision and breathing.  In this mat class, you will use these principles to build core strength, increase flexibility and initiate movement through the breath. Light weights, bands and mini stability balls may be used.


Power Fusion (All Levels)

You start with a slow, meditative warm up where you learn to connect with your breath.  What follows next is a powerful mix of cardio drills, plyometrics, strength training, yoga flow sequencing and Pilates core conditioning.  Essential oil blends are used during Savasana. This class will calm the mind, strengthen the body and energize the spirit. A variety of weights, bands and balls are used.  Athletic shoes are required.


Strength (All Levels)

This is a full body conditioning class that works all the major muscle groups. Muscular strength and endurance segments are alternated with cardio burst intervals. Emphasis is placed on core conditioning, balance training and flexibility.  Athletic shoes are required.