Our Story

Grace was founded on the concept that everyone can find grace by practicing grace. The idea started when two long-time friends, yoga practitioners, and Silver Spring residents met over a cup of tea.

Michelle Radecki had spent most of her career as a corporate attorney, but had recently retired to spend more time with her family and find more meaning and purpose in her life. She attributed much of her newfound inner peace and happiness to her yoga practice, and decided she wanted to find a way to share this with her community.

Lenore Fusciello Baker, on the other hand, had recently revved up her career in health and fitness after her youngest child began Kindergarten. As an ACE certified fitness professional, health and lifestyle coach and corporate wellness specialist, Lenore got busy quickly. While she loved teaching and working in the corporate environment, she always hoped for a space that she could make home.  

When the two started brainstorming, they found they shared a common philosophy and goal, and Grace was born!